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Liskar Vinos - Wein Vinas


It all starts with our vines, our extremely old vines. We work vineyards that were planted a long time ago, the oldest one going back to 1900. These old vineyards yield grapes with a unique concentration and balance. Without them, we would be lost.


Underappreciated, misunderstood, uprooted all over Spain. But we love this variety for its capacity to combine quality with a most enjoyable drinkability. Juicy and spicy, a soft mouthfeel. And we don’t pick early ‘to preserve acidity’ or what would be worse ‘to create elegance’. We pick when the grapes are perfectly ripe and deliver optimum flavour concentration. We don’t mind a bit of alcohol because the Cierzo (see below) lends a helping hand.

Liskar Vinos - Traube Garnacha
Liskar Vinos - Wein Terruno


Good wines are born in good places. The village of Liédena lies in the northern part of Navarra called Baja Montaña, from where you can see the snow-covered peaks of the Pyrenees. However, the altitude isn’t the important part. Instead, it’s the Cierzo, a cold wind that comes down from the mountains, preserving acidity in the grapes, bringing freshness into our wines.


No good wine without good people. The starting point is a small group of grape growers in and around Liédena who decided to preserve their old vines. It continues with us:

Ferdinand Mayr, winegrower in Austria and lecturer at the Weinakademie Österreich, and

Frank Smulders, Master of Wine from the Netherlands, consultant, teacher and long-time expert in wines from Spain,

who together teamed up with the people from Liédena to produce wines we love as much as we love the area and its people.


Liskar tinto 2019:

100% Garnacha from three parcels of old vines: Puntillo and Val de Uñesa planted in 1930 and Las Balsas planted in 1904. Alcohol 14,3 %. Fermentation in concrete tanks. Aged for 12 months in used oak barrels. Harvest October 3rd and 4th.

Liskar Vinos - Tinto 2019 Garnacha
Liskar Vinos - Rosado 2020

Liskar rosado 2020:

100% Garnacha from one parcel of old vines, Hualter planted in 1950. Fermentation in a concrete tank. Alcohol 14,8 vol%. Harvest on September 27th.

Ugasti tinto 2020:

Unique! A fieldblend coming from a 0,49 ha small parcel planted in 1900 with 9 varieties. Garnacha dominated with roughly 70%, the remainder consisting of Garnacha Roja, Moristel, Mazuela, Parraleta, Mandregue, Alicante Bouschet, Morate, and the white Castellana Blanca. Harvested and vinified together, fermentation in stainless steel. Ageing in used oak barrels for one year. Alcohol 14,6 vol%. Harvest on September 28th.

Liskar-Vinos - Ugasti Garnacha 2020
Liskar-Vinos - TXIKI Garnacha 2021

TXIKI 2021:

Txiki means ‘small’ in Bask language, as indeed it is our Tinto Joven, our young red wine. Fruit driven, pure Garnacha in the glass, no oak at all. Yet it has delicious and fine tannins, making it so much more than just a light fruity wine. Drink young and lightly chilled! Harvested on September 29th from a 45 year old vineyard in the village of Tabar. Alcohol 14,3 vol.%.


Ferdinand Mayr:
tel. +43 676 727 6605

Frank Smulders MW:
tel. +31 6 31917663
e-mail fzhyqref@ivahz.ay

Bodega visits aren’t available.